Key and Quill


Key & Quill is the art portfolio blog of Jaclyn Pouw-Dagenais.

Jaclyn is a watercolour artist in Ontario, Canada. Her work is based on nature as the foundation for inspiration. Her passion for learning often flows into other aspects of creating, including lettering and calligraphy, photography and knitting. Jaclyn's artwork relies on the unpredictable and delicate nature of the medium of watercolour, allowing washes to bloom and bleed while searching for a balance between chance and control. Jaclyn graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts.

Jaclyn and her husband, Aaron Dagenais, a pen & ink/digital artist, live with their cat Winston (no artistic inclination, definitely named after the Ghostbuster). Together they share a passion for sci-fi and fantasy, dill pickle chips and reading. Both of them dream of someday living in a cottage by a lake, as long as there is good wi-fi.

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